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They say the best way to learn is to teach.

If you’re looking to expand your hoop skills and challenge yourself, teacher training is the best way to unlock new inspiration.

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“Teaching hoop dance brings me so much joy.
I never knew I could love my job this much!

Multi Hula Hoop Dancer
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Safire has been teaching hoop dance for over 15 years and is well known for her ability to break down even the most complex moves. Whether you’re brand new to hooping or have experience already, her courses will guide you towards freedom of movement with your hoop. 

Internationally renowned
Award-winning instructor
15 years+ of experience
Holds a degree in Education
Has taught in 16 countries worldwide


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“Safire knows what teachers need!


She’s very profound in every detail, like how to build up your own business, marketing, hoop tricks and combos, how to teach to different kinds of students, the making of hoops, and much more! The course is built up very clearly so you can’t lose “track”.


I loved the course and I can highly recommend it!”

Karin Senn

“This course exceeded my expectations!


My spirit feels rejuvenated and ready to share my love for the hoop with the community. This was and IS, an amazing tool for brainstorming the HOWs, WHOs, and WHYs related to sorting out the pieces that make a cohesive, strong business plan.


I will recommend this course to anyone who wishes to explore the hoop and all its advantages.”

Jasmine Eggert

“This is the best website I have ever found on hoop dance teacher training!


I’m so excited to start my career now. This class has really paid off because I have been given a job offer at the YMCA! I have learned so much from Safire and I feel more prepared to go into the work field.


Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!”

Megan Norris

“This course is wonderful!


It is loaded with information. You will not be disappointed with this course.


Thank you so much Safire for taking the time and dedication to put all of this together.”

Stephanie from Scarborough Hoopers

“An insane amount of content! She shared ideas, topics, and troubleshooting tips that I had never enough considered before.


I went from being unsure about teaching hoop classes to teaching multiple classes per week and selling hoops all across my city.


Thank you Safire for sharing your knowledge and experience with all of us!”

Melissa Collins
Teacher Training is currently closed.
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What you'll learn

This Course Includes:

  • 16 Units
  • 84 Teaching Tutorials
  • 45 Trick Tutorials
  • 7 Assignments
  • 1 Audio File
  • 7 Additional Resources
  • Certificate of Completion


They say the best way to learn is to teach.

If you’re looking to expand your hoop skills and challenge yourself, teacher training is the best way to unlock new inspiration.


Unit One: Introduction

Lesson 1: Welcome to the Classroom
Resource 1: Join the Boss Hoopers
Lesson 2: Discovering your Teaching Style
Assignment 1: Why you want to teach hoop dancing?


Unit Two: Setting up Your Classes

Lesson 3: Being an Entrepreneur
Lesson 4: Finding a Studio
Lesson 5: Places to Teach
Lesson 6: Things to Look for in a Studio
Lesson 7: Tips for Teaching Outside
Lesson 8: Pricing your Classes
Lesson 9: Ways to Collect Payment
Lesson 10: How Many Students to have per Class?
Resource 2: Class Punch Cards


Unit Three: Learning How to Teach

Lesson 11: Creating a Welcoming Environment
Lesson 12: Learning How to Teach
Lesson 13: Learning Styles
Lesson 14: Teaching Methods and How to Use Them
Lesson 15: Understanding Trick Breakdowns
Lesson 16: Tools for Individual Troubleshooting
Lesson 17: Reflective Journaling
Lesson 18: Lesson Reflections


Unit Four: How to Lesson Plan

Lesson 19: How to Write a Lesson Plan
Resource 3: Lesson Plan Template
Lesson 20: Creating a Unit or Class Series


Unit Five: Lesson Plans (Classes 1-12)

Resource 4: Course Quick Reference Chart
Lesson 21: Beginner One: Classes 1-6
Lesson 22: Teaching Beginner Leve Two
Lesson 23: Beginner Level Two: Classes 7-12


Unit Six: Trick Tutorials

Lesson 24: Preparing to Teach
Trick Tutorial 1: Waist Hooping
Trick Tutorial 2: The Peacock
Trick Tutorial 3: Passing Around
Trick Tutorial 4: Revolving Door
Trick Tutorial 5: Jump to Waist
Trick Tutorial 6: Hand and Arm Dancing
Trick Tutorial 7: The Box Step
Trick Tutorial 8: Turning
Trick Tutorial 9: Toe Taps
Trick Tutorial 10: The Helicopter
Trick Tutorial 11: Above the Head
Trick Tutorial 12: Front Lift
Trick Tutorial 13: Front Down
Trick Tutorial 14: Knee Hooping
Trick Tutorial 15: Neck Hooping
Trick Tutorial 16: Neck to Chest Hooping
Trick Tutorial 17: Chest Hooping: Introduction
Trick Tutorial 18: Chest Hooping: No Arms
Trick Tutorial 19: The Shimmy
Trick Tutorial 20: Chest Hooping: Arms In
Trick Tutorial 21: The Hover
Trick Tutorial 22: Stepping Out of the Hoop
Trick Tutorial 23: Foot Pick Ups
Trick Tutorial 24: Vertical Hand Hooping
Trick Tutorial 25: Weaving
Trick Tutorial 26: Changing Planes
Trick Tutorial 27: Back Lift
Trick Tutorial 28: Back Down
Trick Tutorial 29: Vortex Shoulder Drills
Trick Tutorial 30: The Vortex
Trick Tutorial 31: The Jump Through
Trick Tutorial 32: Knee Chi Up
Trick Tutorial 33: Chest Chi Up
Trick Tutorial 34: Pixie Jump Through
Trick Tutorial 35: J Motion Throw
Trick Tutorial 36: Walking the Dog
Trick Tutorial 37: Hand Cycles
Trick Tutorial 38: Stirring the Pot
Trick Tutorial 39: The Corkscrew


Unit Seven: Combo Tutorials

Trick Tutorial 40: Combo One
Trick Tutorial 41: Combo Two
Trick Tutorial 42: Combo Three
Trick Tutorial 43: Combo Four
Trick Tutorial 44: Combo Five
Trick Tutorial 45: Combo Six


Unit Eight: Class Activities and Exercises

Lesson 25: Community Circles
Lesson 26: Icebreakers and Group Activities
Lesson 27: Warm-Ups
Lesson 28: Flow Challenges
Lesson 29: Cool Downs
Assignment 2:What is a great class activity you have experienced and why?


Unit Nine: Classroom Management

Lesson 30: Types of Students you’ll Experience
Lesson 31: Competition Reduction
Lesson 32: What to do if you have an Overqualified Student
Lesson 33: Adjusting to Your Students
Lesson 34: Ideas for Instructing Mixed Skill Level Classes


Unit Ten: Workshops and Other Forms of Teaching

Lesson 35: Creating your Own Course
Lesson 36: Creating Themed Classes and Workshop Topics
Lesson 37: Where to offer Workshops
Lesson 38: How Much to Charge for Workshops
Lesson 39: Running Hoop Jams
Lesson 40: Drop-In Classes
Lesson 41:  Teaching Private Lessons
Lesson 42:  Team Teaching
Assignment 3: Create a Lesson Plan


Unit Eleven: Making and Selling Hoops

Lesson 43: Making Hoops for Students
Lesson 44: Types of Hoops to Make
Lesson 45: Selling Hoops in Class
Lesson 46: Tips for Selling Hoops
Lesson 47: Custom Hoops vs. Pre-made Hoops
Lesson 48: Making Hoops – Part 1
Lesson 49: Making Hoops – Part 2
Lesson 50: Kinds of Hoop Tape – Part 1
Lesson 51: Kinds of Hoop Tape – Part 2
Lesson 52: Taping Hoops – Part 1
Lesson 53: Taping Hoops – Part 2
Resource 5: Tape Display Sheet


Unit Twelve: Music and Tone of your Class

Lesson 54: Setting Class Tone with your Voice
Lesson 55: Energy Levels and Choice Words
Lesson 56: Using a Microphone While Teaching
Lesson 57: Setting Class Tone with Music
Lesson 58: Tip for Selecting Great Tunes!
Audio File 1: Silence Track


Unit Thirteen: Becoming a Leader and Building Confidence

Lesson 59: Inspiring Others
Lesson 60: Challenging Yourself
Lesson 61: Building Student Confidence
Lesson 62: Teaching Students to Love the Process
Demo Video 1: Love the Process Video
Lesson 63: Meditation and Hooping
Lesson 64: Connecting with Other Teachers
Lesson 65: Developing and Maintain a Personal Practice
Resource 6: 16 Steps to Jumpstart your Hoop Practice


Unit Fourteen: The Business Side

Assignment: Create a Game Plan
Lesson 66: Naming your Company
Lesson 67:  Choose a Company Identity
Lesson 68:  Accounting and Budgeting Tips
Lesson 69:  Services your Company can Provide
Lesson 70: Your Business Checklist
Assignment 4:  Create Your Goal List


Unit Fifteen: Marketing and Advertising

Lesson 71: Marketing Yourself
Lesson 72: Marketing Ideas
Lesson 73: Getting a Logo
Lesson 74: Business Cards
Lesson 75: Designing and Posting Posters
Lesson 76: Advertising Online
Lesson 77: Building a Website
Lesson 78: Ideas for Promotions
Lesson 79: Performing as a way to Promote Classes
Lesson 80: Mailing Lists and Gathering Contacts
Lesson 81: News and Public Media Attention
Video Demo 2: Sample Interview with Safire
Lesson 82: Popular Interview Questions
Resource 7: Sample Press Release
Lesson 83: Building Credentials and Accolades
Assignment 5: How will you promote your classes?


Unit Sixteen: Get your Certificate

Assignment 6: Hoop Skills Video
Assignment 7: Quiz
Lesson 84: Closing and Congratulations!

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