Waist Hooping Tutorials

Waist Hooping (Free)

Have fun and explore the joy of movement all while waist hooping. Experience Safire’s teaching style as you hoop dance and express yourself freely and confidently.

This class is completely free! 

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Beginner Hoop Tutorials

Beginner & Beyond

Great for both beginners and experienced hoopers!

This class covers the basics while also providing unique challenges and more in-depth instruction for those that have been hooping awhile.

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Vertical Chest Hooping Tutorials

Vertical Chest Hooping

Find yourself dancing and grooving like never before. In this course, we’ll complete a ton of drills that will smooth out your vertical chest hooping allowing you to groove to the beat of any song.

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Foot Hooping Tutorials

Foot Hooping

Have you ever tried foot hooping only to have it then slip right off your foot? This course is for you.
It covers a range of moves ranging from laying on the floor to standing rolls and foot catches.

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Multi Hooping Tutorials

Multi Hooping

It’s never to early to start multi-hooping!
This class begins at step one, covering a range of 2 hoop combinations building up from the basics. Then we explore 3, 4, and even 5 hoop moves. 

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Experience hooping like never before

Expand your knowledge and experience with professional-level hoop dance training.
Improve your movement and confidence in the performance training and learn how
to share the hoop with others with in-depth teacher training. 

Hoop Dance Teacher Training

Teacher Training

They say the best way to learn is to teach.

If you’re looking to expand your hoop skills and challenge yourself, teacher training is the best way to unlock new inspiration.

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Hoop Dance Performer Training

Performer Training

The most comprehensive hoop dance performance training available. In this course, Safire shares years of experience on the stage. She’ll help you to come up with performances you can offer, how to put them together, and then market them effectively so you can share your talents with a range of different audiences. 

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