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It’s never too early to start multi-hooping!

This class begins at step one, covering a range of 2 hoop combinations building up from the basics. Then we explore 3, 4, and even 5 hoop moves. 

“Hooping relaxes me so much when I’m stressed,
it’s changed my life.

Multi Hula Hoop Dancer
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Safire has been teaching hoop dance for over 15 years and is well known for her ability to break down even the most complex moves. Whether you’re brand new to hooping or have experience already, her courses will guide you towards freedom of movement with your hoop. 

Internationally renowned
Award-winning instructor
15 years+ of experience
Holds a degree in Education
Has taught in 16 countries worldwide


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“Safire explains things so well!


I was struggling to refine many of the moves that I had learned from random free tutorials on youtube. I find the way that Safire explains things excellent and I have already corrected many of the little things I was doing wrong.


I wish I’d signed up sooner as I know I would be farther in my hooping skills by now, rather than wasting time trying to figure out what to do, I would have been practicing the correct technique.


Thank you so much – one very happy hooper!!!”

Dawn Creevy

“I have enrolled in every class!


She is an amazing teacher; I’ve made so much progress since joining.


Thanks Safire!”


“You will not find more comprehensive hoop dance instruction anywhere.


Safire has a degree in education and that is evident in her instruction.


No matter what type of learner you are, she will break it down for you in a way you can understand.”


What you'll learn

42 Tutorials | +5 Bonus Tutorials

It’s never to early to start multi-hooping!

This class begins at step one, covering a range of 2 hoop combinations building up from the basics. Then we explore 3, 4, and even 5 hoop moves. 

Lesson 1: Welcome
Lesson 2:
Getting Started
Lesson 3:
Keeping Them Together
Lesson 4:
Waist + Hand Tricks
Lesson 5:
Waist + Hand Tricks Part Two
Lesson 6:
Knees+ Waist (and why this is the most difficult combination)
Lesson 7: Knees+ Waist Part Two
Lesson 8: Knees + Hand Tricks
Lesson 9:
 Knees + Chest Tricks
Lesson 10:
Waist + Chest Hooping
Lesson 11:
Forwards Chase Weave
Lesson 12:
Navigating Weave Grip Changes
Lesson 13: Forwards Three Beat Weave
Lesson 14:
Changing Planes
Lesson 15:
The Corkscrew Part One
Lesson 16:
The Corkscrew Part Two
Lesson 17:
Infinity Style Hooping
Lesson 18:
The Infinity Clover
Lesson 19:
The Infinity Vortex
Lesson 20:
The Infinity Step Over
Lesson 21: 
Helix Style Hooping
Lesson 22: 
The Helix Vortex
Lesson 23:
Three Hoops – On Body
Lesson 24:
Three Hoops – Hands and Knees
Lesson 25:
Three Hoops – Kick Up
Lesson 26:
Idea for Flow and Bringing Them Altogether
Lesson 27:
Four Hoop Split
Lesson 28:
Four Hoop Box Split
Lesson 29:
Five Hoop Split
Lesson 30: Five Hoop Pick Up
Lesson 31:
Five Hoop Sphere
Lesson 32:
Multi Hoop Flow ideas
Lesson 33:
Off Body Doubles
Lesson 34:
The Pass Around Part One
Lesson 35:
The Pass Around Part Two
Lesson 36:
Vertical Transitions
Lesson 37: Double Chest Roll
Lesson 38:
Elbow Hooping
Lesson 39:
Two Hoops Overhead
Lesson 40:
Two Hoops Overhead Transition
Lesson 41:
The One Leg Pass Around
Lesson 42:
Transitions On and Off

Plus Five Bonus Lessons!

Bonus 1: Challenge One
Bonus 2:
Challenge Two
Bonus 3:
Challenge Three
Bonus 4:
Performing Ideas One
Bonus 5:
Performing Ideas Two 

All for only $59 US