What Students are saying...

You will not find more comprehensive hoop dance instruction anywhere.


Safire has a degree in education and that is evident in her instruction. No matter what type of learner you are, she will break it down for you in a way you can understand.


You won’t be disappointed, even if it’s a class of moves you already know.


If you are contemplating whether to enrol or not, definitely go for it! You will find new ways of looking at them & moving with them.

Missina Lee

I have enrolled in every class! She is an amazing teacher; I’ve made so much progress since joining.


Thanks Safire!


Safire explains things so well!


I was struggling to refine many of the moves that I had learned from random free tutorials on youtube. I find the way that Safire explains things excellent and I have already corrected many of the little things I was doing wrong.


I wish I’d signed up sooner as I know I would be farther in my hooping skills by now, rather than wasting time trying to figure out what to do, I would have been practicing the correct technique.


Thank you so much – one very happy hooper!!!

Dawn Creevy

I delved into Safire’s courses at the beginning of my hoop journey. Even though Youtube, Instagram, etc. tutorials have become more abundant, the structured, clearly articulated content from this course helped me develop a strong foundation for my doubles practice.


The sessions build on one another, guiding spinners through interrelated movements that lend themselves to transitions, sequences, and the “tech” behind Safire’s charming, detailed instruction… even after all these years I still have access to ALL my classes. And looking back over the content, I’m delighted to see things I still haven’t explored!


Thank you for making stellar content, Safire, and keeping it available over the years. 

Tangled Macrame

I was still pretty new to hooping when I bought the multi hooping course. At the time I really didn’t think I was good enough yet to start hooping with multiple hoops but figured why not.

Boy was I surprised!


Safire is so good at breaking things down that she makes it easy. Everything just clicks. As soon as I’m struggling in some way it’s almost like she hears me and says how to correct the problem. She is a true teacher through and through.


Thank you so much Safire!

Melissa Collins