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Hoop Dance Teacher
Experience the joy of hoop dance

Modern hoop dance is an expressive and playful form of fitness and dance.

Hooping is for everyone! We use hand-made, high quality hula hoops to explore movement, get fit, and have fun.

Hoop dance benefits
Find your confidence

Hoop dance is unlike any other dance forms, there are no rules, and hooping allows you to express yourself freely.

Explore new fitness

Tired of your usual workouts?  Hate workouts altogether!? Hooping is the best way to burn calories without experiencing exercise boredom.

Calm your mind

If you’ve ever struggled to meditate, you’ll love hoop dance. The rhythmic sensation of hooping calms the mind and helps you find meditation through movement.

Experience joy

When was the last time you simply played?Fall in love with hooping and let it make you feel like a kid again.

Frequently asked questions

How do I hula hoop?

To get started on your hula hoop journey check out our list of online hooping classes. There you’ll see both FREE classes as well as courses that can help you go from a complete beginner to an advanced hooper in no time. 

Do I need a weighted hula hoop?

We do not recommend weighted hula hoops since they are difficult to use for any tricks other than waist hooping.

As long as your hoop is a large adult-sized hula hoop then you’ll find waist hooping to be much easier. The large diameter slows the rotation of the hoop, making waist, and on body moves slower and easier to do. 

Do I need to be a dancer/gymnast?

Absolutely not!

Anyone can start hula hooping regardless of their age or fitness level. Hooping is unique to each person and you can express your style and movement any way you want! 

What size hula hoop do I need?

For beginners that want to hula hoop on body, we recommend using an adult-sized hoop 36-40″ in diameter. For more advanced on body hoopers or if you like punchier off body style moves we recommend 30-36″ diameter hoops. Remember, the smaller the hoop the faster it will feel. 

Where can I buy adult-sized hoops?

Our favorite hoop maker is Hooplogie. They have beginner hoops, collapsible travel hoops, fire hoops, and more. 

How many calories does hula hooping burn?

According to a study done by Ace Fitness, hula hooping can burn between 350 and 400 calories per hour.

That’s a lot of calories to burn while having fun!

Hooping is great fitness and has been featured in

Multi Hula Hoop Dancer
Meet your instructor


Safire has been teaching hoop dance for over 15 years and is well known for her ability to break down even the most complex moves. Whether you’re brand new to hooping or have experience already, her courses will guide you towards even more freedom of movement with your hoop. 

Internationally renowned
Award-winning instructor
15 years+ of experience
Holds a degree in Education
Has taught in 16 countries worldwide



“Hooping relaxes me so much when I’m stressed, it’s changed my life.


I kept trying meditation but it just never worked for me. Now I hoop for 10 minutes in the morning and when I get home from work. It’s the best.”

Emily Hawkins

“I wasn’t a dancer until I found the hoop. I loved music and movement but was always bad at learning formal dance styles.


Thank you Safire.


It’s so freeing to move how my body wants to!!”

Kelly Dixon

“My favourite thing to do is take my hoops to the park with my kids. It’s brought me and my daughter closer. We learn tricks on the weekend together then she shows all her friends at school.


We’re doing a hula hoop birthday party for her, she’s so excited. Thank you for everything you do and sharing your skills with us.”

Marina Michaelides

“Thank you so much for your lessons Safire.


It’s insane, I’ve lost 20 pounds and wasn’t even trying. I’ve tried so many workouts in my life but pretty much hated all them. Now at work I’m known as the hoop girl and my co-workers want to start hula hooping too.”

Janelle Potter
Waist Hooping Tutorials

Waist Hooping (Free)

Have fun and explore the joy of movement all while waist hooping. Experience Safire’s teaching style as you hoop dance and express yourself freely and confidently.

This class is completely free! 

Learn More

Beginner Hoop Tutorials

Beginner & Beyond

Great for both beginners and experienced hoopers!

This class covers the basics while also providing unique challenges and more in-depth instruction for those that have been hooping awhile.

Learn More

Vertical Chest Hooping Tutorials

Vertical Chest Hooping

Find yourself dancing and grooving like never before. In this course, we’ll complete a ton of drills that will smooth out your vertical chest hooping allowing you to groove to the beat of any song.

Learn More

Foot Hooping Tutorials

Foot Hooping

Have you ever tried foot hooping only to have it then slip right off your foot? This course is for you.
It covers a range of moves ranging from laying on the floor to standing rolls and foot catches.

Learn More

Multi Hooping Tutorials

Multi Hooping

It’s never to early to start multi-hooping!
This class begins at step one, covering a range of 2 hoop combinations building up from the basics. Then we explore 3, 4, and even 5 hoop moves. 

Learn More

Experience hooping like never before

Expand your knowledge and experience with professional-level hoop dance training.
Improve your movement and confidence in the performance training and learn how
to share the hoop with others with in-depth teacher training. 

Hoop Dance Teacher Training

Teacher Training

They say the best way to learn is to teach.

If you’re looking to expand your hoop skills and challenge yourself, teacher training is the best way to unlock new inspiration.

Learn More

Hoop Dance Performer Training

Performer Training

The most comprehensive hoop dance performance training available. In this course, Safire shares years of experience on the stage. She’ll help you to come up with performances you can offer, how to put them together, and then market them effectively so you can share your talents with a range of different audiences. 

Learn More

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